My first race by: Geoff Newmarch

I went and I picked up a few points at the Koegelber South African World Cup so here's how it went down. I realize I needed to get a lot more practice in. Because when I got to the event, they reduced the amount of practice runs from three to one, and I was experimenting with different tucks on the course during the seeding heats.
When we did our practice run we all set off in a pack which might not have been such a good idea since the road was narrow. The pack got away from me and as I was cruising down this big cloud of hay came out of no where, The red flag was thrust out in front of me. So I shut it down by trying a stoppie, what I ended up doing was flipping my bike. hehehe! when I got up I noticed only two riders. Mark cruised up and said that Steve went flying over the hay bails with out touching them. He won a pair of sun glasses for his efforts.
They restarted and I came in last every time after that. Aero dynamics seemed to play a big part in getting the top speeds. Karl was hitting 50km in the corners and topped 70km across the line. The course was narrow so we split ourselves up into three and four man heats. The gradient was not so steep and I personally struggled to get speed, but the experience was great and I can't wait to race again.
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