Koegelber South African World Cup 2003

The venue turned out to be an awesome site. Not a high top end course but a more technical one as far as drafting goes. Carrying speed was definitely the key to success in coming out front for the long drafting sections. The fresh head wind made drafting very influential on the outcome of the race. Even with the strong winds, we still managed a top speed of about 70km/h
The Koegelber race saw a few new faces in the gravity bike division which was a real stoke. Some guys didn't make it to the event. but will definitely be at he next one.
We each got to do two qualifier time trials. The top four times went to a final. The final saw Mark Hopkins, Karl Ebel, Donovan Le Coc and New Comer (400cc super bike rider) Glen Hayter, on the line.
Starters orders were given.....One push and we are GO!
Mark and Glen get a great start while Donovan and Karl are battling for the position, just a whisker behind. Glen comes into the first right hander a little hot and gets into a huge tank slapper. Karl, committed to a brake free line through the same right hander, finds Glen struggling to save his crash on the very same line. Needless to say Karl shunts Glen. Karl meets straw, then road. (Nice Slide Karl!)
Miraculously Glen road out of near disaster and was back in the fight for lead. Some very tight drafting to the finish, saw Mark squeak the position on 2002 World Champion Donovan Le Cok. Leaving Glen in Third and the fallen, 2001 Master Class Rider, Karl in fourth.
This left the last three positions based upon Qualification time. Fifth goes to long time pro, Simon Deiner who was listed as a Master Class rider at the end of 2002. Sixth goes out to Steven Hitching, and Seventh to the first event rookie, Geoffrey "Bomba" Newmarch. We want to thank all those who came to ride especially the new G-Bike participants. We hope to see you all at the next one, and good luck on the GBA World Championships.
Written By: Karl Ebel
South Africa World Cup
Event Results
3/4 Points
1. Mark Hopkins
2. Donovan Le Cok
3. Glen Heyter
4. Karl Ebel
5. Simon Deiner
6. Steven Hitching
7. Geoffrey Newmarch
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